Cavalaria (May, 2013)



  • X ("ts" sound)=Dobrão lightly touching the arame and cabaça is on your belly.

  • O ("dim" sound)=Dobrão is pressed into the arame and the cabaça is away from the belly.

  • Θ ("dom" sound)=Dobrão is away from the arame and the cabaça is away from the belly.

  • _ ("shake" sound)=Sound is created from a the single shake of the caixixi


Cavalaria is the warning toque, it draws the attention of the capoeiristas. Was used to report the arrival of the mounted police cavalry squadron known who persecuted capoeiristas in the time that capoeira was forbidden by law. With the warning, the roda could be undone and the participants would flee. Some teachers say that the toque was also used when a stranger came in roda or all stay aware.

Their sound is a rhythmic variation like a march, with the lowest note of the berimbau, the DOM.

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